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When he opened his eyes
He saw them standing there,
his face was bland with no surprise.
They pulled him up by his hair.
Oh yes, he knew his fate.

“You know what you have done.”
Said one of the two,
“For this is not for fun.”
All he said was “of course I do.”
Oh yes, he knew his fate.

“Do you have any last words?”
asked the second who had fair hair.
“To death I go to the next world,
So end my life, I do not care.”
Oh yes, he knew his fate.

Above his throat she held a knife,
the womens’ faces full of glee.
The blade seemed to come to life,
“The metal to end an Evil as he.”
Oh yes, he knew his fate.

She brought the knife down into him,
then brought it back out covered in red.
The dead look in his eyes oh so grim,
nothing could be done to make amends.
Oh yes, oh yes he knew his fate.
Oh yes, he knew his fate.
A Sin to End a Sin
I had to write a ballad for English class and here it is! 
The anxiety is crushing. It feels like a vacuum in the back of my chest that pulls my heart into the depths. It leaves an emptiness so hollow I could fly. The price of flying however is a burning sensation of a demon shredding my innards to be released into the world. Without even realizing it, I fly as a nervous reaction to the anxiety. And without realizing it I’ve started a war with the demon. It’s the inhaler that retains the demon. One puff of the medication starts a three way tug of war. While the demon and the medicine rage on each other it’s my body that takes the damage.

It’s my lungs that scream for the breath I can’t seem to catch. It’s my eyes that ache from the tears and the blindingly bright lights that reflect of them. It’s my finger that bleed from digging themselves into the closest thing they can burry themselves into. It’s my wrists that throb with scars of what were once bleeding cuts. It’s my mind that suffers the most however, being caught in the tug of war and not being able to do anything about it. Trying to tune out the inner voices and the outer voices and trying to keep completely sane while this war rages on. Trying to calm the rest of the body that is sure it’s going to go up in flames while the anxiety demon just keeps wreaking havoc on whatever it can get its grubby claws on.

But the true victim of it all is not the medication, the demon or even myself. No, it is the person I am with when the medication loses the battle and I won’t be able to keep the demon inside me any longer.
A struggle between extreme anxiety over everyday occurrences, and the medicine to keep it at bay. 
I’m afraid I’ll ruin him. My greatest fear is losing Felix to a force greater than myself. It was because of my weakness I lost my family, and who’s to say I’m any stronger now? Fear allows demons to overtake you, and I've felt them creeping closer every day. It’s my fault if he dies because I was weak and couldn't protect him. It’s as if I killed him myself. So work every day to protect what is precious in my life. But fear still lurks in the dark depths of my mind that I can’t protect the person who showed me light, who saved me from the life I forced upon myself. Living with the burden of what you could have done is far worse than death. The weight of losing Felix if I had the power to save him would kill me in the long haul. I would forsake myself if no one else would. Self-incrimination hit the hardest. But no punishment could make up for the not having the power to protect the people you love.
Bring back the black bags.

Can’t corruption contain to cities?

Damage the daylight with daggers.

Family flurries are frantically forgotten.

Going, going, gone into the garbage

Hallelujah! Hurry to the holy home!
I wrote this when I was thinking about how life or death situations can change a person. Friendship can't protect you from disaster. 
I was also in my Civics class, and they happened to be discussing different religions, and how people feel above others because they believe in a God. In the end, life is your God, and there isn't a holy protection that saves you from a body bag. 
If you ride a teardrop

My sweet rain

I said

Love the old delicious blue

His hello a sour whisper

Tonight in dream so right

The magic from here

Dance some this sunny today

Our yellowed moon

Try to go to sleep soon

They eat cold beans

True friends carry me from here
We did an activity in my English class, which involved a piece of paper filled with random words. we had to arrange them into poems and we could only use a word once. This is what I came up with! 

I could not find the exact activity, but if I do I will link it!
Wow. Its been a long time since I've been active, but here I am!

In my time that was I was gone I was working on better writing techniques and generally improving in my writing skills. I got my foot in the door with school, and now I'm ready to start fresh again. I've lost my inspiration for Boo, as unfortunate as it is, but I plan on bring in more one-setting stories and tiny bits I've written from role plays and things. Ill be typing and editing and my first new post will be out sometime in January.

So here I am DeviantArt. Feels great to be back.


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